Study at Home: eSkillful Means

“Knowledge, freedom and responsibility are our most valuable assets,
the essential ingredients for our growth and prosperity.
With them our potential is unlimited.”

Tarthang Tulku,
Knowledge of Freedom

The Tibetan Lama Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche has presented Skillful Means teachings in the West since 1969. The Center for Skillful Means offers an online program of Tarthang Tulku’s Skillful Means teachings on how to release our human potential. Skillful Means is a body of knowledge that you can uniquely incorporate into your daily life. It is not a set of techniques to add to your arsenal of behavioral patterns, but a teaching on how to let wisdom inform your actions. Gradually your inner world—the world of the mind, heart, energy and senses—is transformed. As you open up your inner world, the riches you find can better your own life and those of others.

Work is a perfect arena for exploring your potential. While you are working, the Skillful Means practices will elicit your hidden talents and the promise of the situation. This program may give a true sense of what it means to have a “good time” at work: joy, satisfaction, meaning, creativity and positive accomplishments.

Skillful Means is not an arduous, gradual path towards attaining specific goals. It is a process of unfolding what is already within you. Behind the everyday patterns of success and failure lies wholeness. Your being is not lacking anything. Through your daily life you can cultivate and refine the qualities inherent in your being. Working with Skillful Means requires a gentle intent, an unrelenting interest in the feedback life provides in every moment, and the resolve to change. As you learn to know yourself, growing wisdom will inform your actions. Skillful Means is a path of action.


Weekly topics, introduced by a video clip, will be sent to you by email. Each session includes a narrative, providing the theoretical basis for each topic, as well as a suggested focus for the week, exercises to practice, and required and optional readings. Personal coaching calls are available, for an additional charge, to further refine and plan your progress in study and practice.




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*Add 3 coaching sessions, $250 (Optional)
The Spirit of Life
Cost Length
$108* 12 Weeks

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Over a course of 12 weeks you will explore a range of topics and practices, including Transforming Stress into Well-being, that can help you reconnect with, and make the most of the opportunities work is offering you, to find joy, fulfillment, meaning, and satisfaction in your life.

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Topics of Study

  1. Inner Freedom
  2. Restoring Balance (Transforming Stress into Well-Being)
  3. Mindfulness
  4. Body Awareness
  5. Sensory Awareness
  6. Leadership
  7. Perennial Truths
  8. Core Beliefs and Self-Images
  9. Time to Change
  10. Transforming Emotions
  11. Inner Knowing
  12. Collaboration