Working with the Dharma Publishing Academy, we are happy to offer a range of books and CDs that make Skillful Means teachings available to people interested in exploring how to transform work into a path to personal development and fulfillment. We invite you to browse our products below, all of which can be purchased through Dharma Publishing’s online store as well as popular online retailers like



The theory and practice of Tarthang Tulku’s Skillful Means teachings are presented in several books, one of which was written by one of his senior students Arnaud Maitland. Readers can begin with any book and explore this website, we have a page dedicated to exploring the unique offerings of three main Skillful Means texts: Skillful Means, Mastering Successful Work, and MasterWork.


Skillful Means: The first in the Skillful Means series, Skillful Means offers a 3 part structure: Awareness, Change, and Sharing as a way of presenting and exploring the Skillful Means vision of work as spiritual practice and arena of human development and growth. With 24 exercises that can help cultivate and sustain positive change in how we work, Skillful Means challenges us to reengage our work and lives in powerful new ways.


[one_third]Mastering Successful Work: The second book in the Skillful Means series, Mastering Successful Work presents the Skillful Means vision in 5 parts, with over 75 exercises that help readers apply and explore the efficacy of the ideas presented in everyday work and life situations. Suitable for workers from any profession Mastering Successful Work provides a thorough guide for using work to cultivate a range of inner resources like Awareness, Concentration, and Energy that when better understood and utilized can empower individuals to transform how they work for their benefit and the benefit of others.


[one_third_last]MasterWork: Written by Arnaud Maitland, long time student of Tarthang Tulku, MasterWork tells the real life story of a commercial printing operation in the San Francisco Bay area as case study in how an organization can be run using Skillful Means principles as its foundation. More than just a successful business story, MasterWork is a map for mastering the art of working well.




[one_half][frame align=”left” border=”1″]CD_Front_PoTCD1_Awakening_Red_grande[/frame]The Power of Time: Among the most unique and valuable components of Skillful Means training are its teachings on Time.[/one_half]
[one_half_last][frame align=”left” border=”1″]Stop Burnout 1 - Tension is Normal[/frame] Stop Burnout: As the pace of life increases, responsibilities mount, and uncertainty and anxiety about the future take hold, many people today are under tremendous stress that can, if unchecked, lead inexorably to Burn Out. This series of 3 CDs offers theory and practice from the Skillful Means discipline on how to Stop Burnout from happening and how to find new, better ways of working with the challenges of work and life that can lead to positive change and growth.[/one_half_last]

[one_half][frame align=”left” border=”1″]Making Things Better - Communications[/frame]Making Things Better: This Skillful Means module presents how you can take care of your self while you work and how you can help to improve the activities of the team and organization that you work for.

Inner balance and developing the inner, personal resources will prevent unnecessary suffering and burn-out and will provide the insights and inner strength to pursue what is important. Skillful Means provides the ingredients for a successful team, which can be developed and refined at the workplace.[/one_half]

[one_half_last][frame align=”left” border=”1″]sm51_grande[/frame]The Inner Manager: A set of University lectures are presented here at an exploration of what it means to be a Manager of your own intelligence, energy, and resources. Delivered in a relaxed, conversational style by Arnaud Maitland, this recording presents the Skillful Means vision in accessible, inspiring terms for working professionals of any age.[/one_half_last]

[frame align=”left” border=”1″]You are not your stress![/frame]Transforming Stress: Regaining Your Inner Freedom Stress is on everybody’s mind today. We can learn how to deal with stress so that our well-being is sustainable, our creativity uninhibited and our inner freedom safe. Stress reduction is not a lasting solution because it does not affect the inner architecture supporting stress. Transformation of stress into well-being is possible, since you are not your stress![/one_half]