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Work is a perfect arena for exploring your potential and Skillful Means practices will elicit your hidden talents and the promise of the situation; they can give a true sense of what it means to have a “good time” at work: joy, satisfaction, meaning, creativity and positive accomplishments. But what can we do when the demands of our everyday schedules leave little time and money free for traveling and attending seminars and workshops?

We are proud to offer, through the Dharma Publishing Academy, programs for distance learning in Skillful Means, a body of knowledge rooted in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition and adapted to serve the unique needs of modern workers in search of a wiser and more fulfilling way of working. These programs are intended to save you time and money and, most importantly, to help you have access to knowledge that is truly beneficial.

We invite you to browse the programs below and contact us if you have questions or would like to register:

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Weekly self-study by e-mail



Weekly topics, introduced by a video clip, will be sent to you by email. Each session includes a narrative, providing the theoretical basis for each topic, as well as a suggested focus for the week, exercises to practice, and required and optional readings. Personal coaching calls are available, for an additional charge, to further refine and plan your progress in study and practice.


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*Add 3 coaching sessions, $250 (Optional)
The Spirit of Life
Cost Length
$108* 12 Weeks

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[blockquote] For many people today, work is losing its meaning. This dissatisfaction is not limited to certain professions, backgrounds or beliefs, but subtly pervades every aspect of work. This is unfortunate, for work is a very effective means for learning how to find deep satisfaction in life.”
– Tarthang Tulku, Skillful Means[/blockquote]

Over a course of 12 weeks you will explore a range of topics and practices, including Transforming Stress into Well-being, that can help you reconnect with, and make the most of the opportunities work is offering you, to find joy, fulfillment, meaning, and satisfaction in your life.[/two_third_last]


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Self-study and practice by webinar series


You will receive audio recordings and reading assignments as well as practice suggestions to work with during the week prior to each week’s live, online class. Classes will explore the theory and practices for each topic in greater depth. One-on-one Skype sessions provide an opportunity to ask questions and share feedback on your study and practice.

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NEW! Transforming Stress into Well-being
Cost Length
$99 4 Weeks
 Next Date: SATURDAY JANUARY 18th @ 10AM PST

Listen free to content from the course: Part 1, Introduction*

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[/one_third][two_third_last]Stress will happen when the body and mind do not function well, independently or together. For example it reveals itself when you think you should do one thing, you wish you could do something else, but in fact you act in a third, different manner altogether. Because your head, gut and heart are not together, your being is fragmented. When they are together, and when you operate them in (the way of) wholeness, there will be one voice and one action – without guilt or regret.

In this 4 week webinar series we will explore a full suite of teachings that can help you stop managing your stress and start transforming it into well-being. Topics will include stress, mindfulness of stress, the power of breath, tension vs. stress, and exploring 4 types of balance. Classes will be 1 hour each week with reading and practice assignments to work with between online class sessions.

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