Skillful Means: Patterns for Success


For many people today, work is losing its meaning…This is unfortunate, for work is a very effective means for learning how to find deep satisfaction in life.”

Tarthang Tulku
Skillful Means


The Classic Text that Redefines What it Means to “Work”

Dedicated to “all who live and work in the Land of Opportunity,” since its first publication in 1978, Tarthang Tulku’s book Skillful Means has helped countless readers to investigate what it means to work and discover new ways of participating in life that support meaning and fulfillment. It has been used for courses at colleges and universities, translated into multiple languages, and served as the basis for international retreats and seminars, as well as individual and corporate coaching engagements. More than just a book about work, it is an invitation to work and live to the full extent of our human potential.

A New Philosophy of Work

Life exacts a price for less than full participation. We lose touch with the human values and qualities that spring naturally from a full engagement with work and life: integrity, honesty, loyalty, responsibility, and cooperation. Without the guidance these qualities give to our lives, we begin to drift, prey to an uneasy sense of dissatisfaction. Once we have lost the knowledge of how to ground ourselves in meaningful work, we do not know where to turn to find value in life.

It is important for us to see that our survival in a broad sense depends on our willingness to work with the full power of our minds and hearts, participate fully in life. Only in this way will we realize the human values and qualities which bring balance and harmony to our lives, our society, and to the world. We cannot continue to ignore the effects of selfish motivation, of practices such as competition and manipulation.  We need a new philosophy of work based on greater human understanding, respect for ourselves and others, and an awareness of the qualities and skills which create peace in the world: communication, cooperation, responsibility.[/two_third][one_third_last]CSM_SM

Check out Skillful Means for yourself! You can read and download the Introduction and first chapter “Inner Freedom” by clicking the link below!

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