Our success or failure— and the success of failure of the company or organization for which we work— ultimately depends on our willingness as individuals to be responsible.”

Tarthang Tulku


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Path to Success

Using a commercial printing operation as their laboratory, a small group of people set out to demonstrate that work can be a valuable teacher, a training ground for the mind. Turning theory into practice, they applied the methods of Skillful Means, a management training system based on Tibetan Buddhist principles. MasterWorka successful business story with a twist, shows that the spirit of the individual and the soul of the company go hand in hand.

MasterWork presents a map for mastering the art of working well: cultivating our inner resources while getting practical results in the world. The book includes examples and exercises on the key elements of success: communication, cooperation, and responsibility; expanding awareness and deepening concentration; caring; and most important, mastering the flow of time.

Putting Knowledge to Work

Skillful Means is not just a specific set of techniques. It is a way of putting knowledge to work, producing results that everyone is free to celebrate. For those with spiritual concerns, Skillful Means teaches that you can make your life far richer and more fulfilling. You do not have to go off to a monastery; you can practice in the present, with the job you have right now. You are free to become an entrepreneur in the marketplace of achievement and inner fulfillment, taking matters into your own hands. The knowledge you need is already available. As you march toward success, you can find enjoyment and fulfillment in whatever you do, and you can make a difference.