Mastering Successful Work

By cultivating awareness, concentration and energy, you will touch the integrity of your own being and take control of your own life…you can embark on a heroic journey of vast dimensions.”

Tarthang Tulku
Mastering Successful Work


A New Way of Working

Work as a discipline demonstrates perfectly the ancient insight that we must learn to be honest with ourselves if we wish to transform who we are. The organic link between work and spiritual values becomes more clear as soon as we ask what it is that people really want out life. At this fundamental level, there really is little difference between the business world and the spiritual realm. People want to be happy, to accomplish something of value in their lives, and to live in a way that is healthy and balanced. Though the language used to describe business and spiritual goals and the vision of how to achieve these goals may be very different, this fundamental connection is there.

When the depth of our intelligence and caring shines through our work, life becomes enriched and balanced. Guided by inner knowledge and illumined by insight, our attitudes and actions move naturally toward fulfillment. Rather than relying on opinions and beliefs or looking outside ourselves for direction, we can base our lives on this trustworthy source of insight and understanding. We can embody the values that give life wholeness and meaning.

What is Successful Work?

Successful work activates our talents and intelligence. It marries knowledge to gut-level commitment, and lets us put our heart and spirit into what we are doing.

Mastering Successful Work, the second book in the Skillful Means series, shows how to make work into a path of realization and transformation– an art form that blends practical results, deep enjoyment, and inner fulfillment. It presents a step-by-step approach to cutting through obstacles and clearing up the negative consequences of past actions. Immensely practical, it includes over 80 exercises, most of which can be done on the job.

Our actions at work can be jewels of light, illuminating our lives and expressing our own highest values. In these troubled times, there can be no greater gift to make to ourselves, our society, and our world than to put this way of working into practice.

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