New to Skillful Means?

For many people today, work is losing its meaning. This dissatisfaction is not limited to certain professions, backgrounds, or beliefs, but subtly pervades every aspect of work. This is unfortunate, for work is a very effective means for learning how to find deep satisfaction in life. Work can be a source of growth, an opportunity to learn more about ourselves and to develop positive and healthy relationships. If we view work in this way, we find there is really no difference between devoting energy to improving our awareness and appreciation of life.

What is Skillful Means?

Skillful Means is a three-step process that can be applied to any situation in our lives. The first step is to become aware of the reality of our difficulties, not simply by intellectual acknowledgement, but by honest observation of ourselves. Only in this way will we find the motivation to take the second step: making a firm resolve to change. When we have clearly seen the nature of our problems and have begun to change them, we can share what we have learned with others. This sharing can be the most satisfying experience of all, for there is a deep and lasting joy in seeing others ind the means to make their lives fulfilling and productive.

We have a responsibility to work, to exercise our talents and abilities, to contribute our energy to life. Our nature is creative, and by expressing it we constantly generate more enthusiasm and creativity, stimulating an ongoing process of enjoyment in the world around us. Working willingly with our full energy and enthusiasm, is our way of contributing to life. Working in this way is working with Skillful Means.