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If you see work as a journey toward fulfillment, each challenge transforms who you are. Work becomes more like art: you work for the joy of working. This is the attitude that Skillful Means fosters.

– Tarthang Tulku, Introduction to Masterwork

Center for Skillful Means (CSM) is a training, coaching and consulting start-up, with a very long history. CSM is the offspring of the knowledge developed while applying of Skillful Means in a for-profit printing company and over 20 non-profit organizations under the auspices of Tarthang Tulku, author of Skillful Means and Mastering Successful Work.

The way we work with individuals, teams, and organizations is based on the teachings of Skillful Means presented by Tarthang Tulku, an accomplished Tibetan Lama. The CSM formally began offering services to companies and non-profit organizations in 2005 and has since provided consultation, training, and professional development services to help individuals and organizations flourish.

Skillful Means begins when we decide work matters – and that work is a place where we can apply ourselves to achieve our fullest potential. We work with you to instill ways of working that unlock the fullest potential of your project, your organization, and you.

Arnaud Maitland, Director, Center for Skillful Means

Arnaud Maitland
Director, Center for Skillful Means

An accomplished international lecturer, retreat leader, and Skillful Means consultant, Arnaud Maitland artfully delivers the ancient teachings of the Tibetan Buddhist Nyingma lineage to contemporary audiences. The knowledge he shares helps people to discover that each and every one of us has unlimited potential and we all already possess the knowledge we need to create meaningful, successful and joyful lives.

He has also authored two books MasterWork – Mastering Time(Dharma Publishing, 2000), which describes his years as director of a printing company that was managed according to Skillful Means principles, and Living without Regret – Human experience in Light of Tibetan Buddhism (Dharma Publishing, 2006), a personal reflection on the process of growing old and death in light of Tibetan Buddhist teachings.

He currently lives at Ranta Ling Retreat Center in Cazadero, CA where he also serves as Director of Dharma Publishing.[/two_third_last]

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Teri Beckman
Consultant, Center for Skillful Means

[/one_third][two_third_last]Teri has worked as a coordinator, trainer and consultant with CSM since 2005, having studied Skillful Means as an individual since 1990. She is enthusiastic about the potential of Skillful Means in aiding individuals, teams, businesses and organizations to make the very most of their opportunity to work and bring value into the world.

In addition to her Skillful Means work, she has an active practice in both real estate investment & analysis as well as massage therapy – keeping her mind simultaneously focused and balanced. She has discovered it is possible to get outstanding results at anything one chooses when the body and mind are sensitive, focused and united.

She has a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Michigan and Master’s Degree in City and Regional Planning from the University of N.C. at Chapel Hill.[/two_third_last]

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